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Jewelry Inspired by Art, Travel & Nature

About Sloris:

Sloris offers unique jewelry and fashion accessories designed by the fine artist MG.  Our 3D printed rings, pendants and fascinators are stunning pieces of wearable art.  In reaction to today’s hectic world, we strive to slow things down.  We create products that serve as small tranquil islands in an ocean of multi-tasking. Our focus is on the present moment and the task at hand (or the complete lack of one).

Reignite the whimsy of childhood and reinvent the ritual of adulthood.

‘Sloris’ is a new word, created to reflect our ideology:
Sloris [slawr-is, IPA /ˈslɔrɪs/ ] noun, verb, adverb – slorisly, adjective – slorissing)
1. to act in a slow and methodical manner the majority of the time, but having the ability to move with great speed as necessary
2. to savor the present moment
3. a reduction of the mammal’s name slow loris

About the Designer:

about artist designer painter

The internationally exhibited artist, MG, designs all Sloris merchandise.  M left New York City to live abroad in 2010 and has since lived in Thailand, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Croatia, Macedonia and Albania.  Moving frequently makes it difficult to oil paint on a regular basis.  Designing unique jewelry and fashion accessories has served as an amazing creative outlet.  M says, “I love creating wearable art.  I see my rings, pendants and fascinators as small sculptures that can travel with you throughout your day.”

The Sloris ‘One Infinity’ jewelry collection is based on an oil painting from the infinity series M developed in Thailand.  She stretches, morphs, twists and bends the infinity sign to represent the complexity of the concept and how it can relate to each of our lives.

All the pieces from the Waterways collection (Submerged, Remains and Currents) are inspired by M’s obsession with water. Wherever she travels, she is very rarely far from water.  From diving into the dark tumultuous waters of the Atlantic Ocean to floating on the lustrous warmth of the Andaman Sea; waterfalls, springs, rivers, seas and oceans continue to have a powerful impact on M’s life and work.

“I strive for an aesthetic integrity that will continue to engage people.  As in fine art, I hope people find something new and intriguing every time they encounter Sloris items,”  M states.

Please browse M’s oil paintings at gallerymg.com

About Production Time, 3D Printing & Materials:

Production Time: 20 business days for silver, gold plated and steel and  17 business days for plastic

Since we fabricate each piece individually, we are able to offer clients a large selection of sizes, materials and finishes (as well as custom-designed one-of-a-kind pieces).  These unique items require time to make; depending on the material you select, it can take up to seven steps to create your ring or pendant.  We hope you agree that Sloris merchandise is worth the wait.

(We do our very best to ship your order as soon as possible. However, if you would like a faster production time, please email us about our rush service. Usually, we can cut the number of days by half. Unfortunately, we have to pass on our manufacturer’s fee of a 15% upcharge.)

The 3D Printing Process:

3D printing is an amazing process that makes my asymmetrical and intricate designs possible.  Some Sloris jewelry designs can’t be manufactured using traditional casting methods.  Techniques vary depending on the material being printed.  Our strong and flexible plastic fascinators are printed one layer at a time.  The production of the mini hats is completed in one stage and then moves on to be dyed.  Our gold-plated pieces go through a complex seven-step process that ends with being plated in the material of your choice.  All our methods result in beautiful high-quality products.


925 silver pendants and rings

Silver Jewelry:

Sterling Silver is a gorgeous durable material available in raw, polished, and premium finishes.  Raw silver is mechanically polished so it may show print lines and have a rougher surface texture.  This pairs well with a boho chic, western or antique look.  Polished silver is lightly hand polished to achieve a smooth finish but might retain some surface texture.  It’s very versatile and goes well with a wide range of styles.  Premium silver is very shiny due to being well polished by hand.  The reflective surface is eye-catching and perfect for making a strong statement.

Sloris silver products are solid sterling.  Our 3D printing partner verifies the metal content of the silver.  However individual pieces are not tested or hallmarked by an assay office or governmental agency.



Gold Plated Jewelry:

Sloris gold plated jewelry offers the look and feel of solid gold without the expense.  14K gold offers a soft warm glow.  18K gold is a deeper yellow shade.  Rose gold has a slight pink hue.

After casting, we underplate the brass with palladium to provide strength and durability. The item is then plated with .5 microns of gold (plating starts as thin as .1 microns in the jewelry industry).  Gold plating is durable, but can still scratch or wear through.  To prevent damage, we recommend storing your item in a soft cloth pouch and avoiding exposure to household chemicals and cleaning products.


3Dprinted steel rings pendants

Steel Jewelry:

Steel is a great choice for getting a unique artist-designed piece of jewelry at a very reasonable price.  Our wide variety of finishes means it’s easy to find something that suits you perfectly.

Our jewelry is 3D printed in stainless steel infused with bronze.  Some people’s skin can have a reaction due to the bronze content.  Matte gold, polished gold and polished nickel steel go through an electroplating process that deposits a 0.1 micron layer on the outside of the product. This gives them a unique finish and is great for aesthetic purposes.  However, it will wear off over time as the jewelry is exposed to friction.  More than ten percent of people have nickel allergies.  If you are allergic or unsure please choose another finish.

Additionally, steel jewelry is coated with a clear sealant to help prevent oxidization.  Over time it’s natural for a patina to develop, which furthers the uniqueness of each piece.  The color of our natural steel finish can range from a silver to a bronze hue, depending on the concentration of bronze near the surface of the product.  Since natural steel does not have a finish, it maintains the most consistent appearance over time.

Click here if you would like your Sloris jewelry in 14k Gold, 18k Gold, Platinum, Brass, Bronze or Plastic.

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