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Sloris delivers innovative design produced with cutting edge 3D printing technology. We create products that serve as small tranquil islands in an ocean of multi-tasking, constant communication and sensory overload. Our focus is on the present moment and the task at hand (or the complete lack of one). Reignite the whimsy of childhood and reinvent the ritual of adulthood.

Sloris[slawr-is, IPA /ˈslɔrɪs/ ] noun, verb, adverb - slorisly, adjective – slorissing)

1. to act in a slow and methodical manner the majority of the time, but having the ability to move with great speed as necessary

2. a reduction of the mammal’s name slow loris

All of our merchandise is designed by the internationally exhibited artist MG. Our ‘One Infinity’ jewelry pieces are 3D interpretations of her oil paintings. You can browse M's paintings at

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