Patreon: Connect with Amazing Artists Creating Oil Paintings, 3D Printing, YouTube Videos, Podcasts and More!

Patreon: Connect with Amazing Artists Creating Oil Paintings, 3D Printing, YouTube Videos, Podcasts and More!
December 16, 2017 M G
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Calling All Art Lovers!

Patreon is an awesome platform for art and culture enthusiasts to check out the latest and greatest creations, from podcasts and YouTube videos to 3D printing and fine art. When you find something you like, offer support and you’ll be rewarded with cool insider looks, exclusive videos, tutorials, the chance to collaborate with the artist(s) and more.

abstract oil painting Horizon 3, 2016, 50 X 75 cms (20″ X 30″), oil on canvas

Super Patrons Unite!

Seriously, this is a great opportunity to truly be a superhero to a very talented group of people. Almost anyone can get almost any content for free online: blogs, vlogs, podcasts, music, movies and more. So, why pay? Because, it gives you the opportunity to be part of the creative process and support artists that are doing great independent work. You decide what inspires you, challenges you or makes you laugh. I believe that it’s not what you buy, but what you experience and how it enriches your life that matters most.

3D printed silver ring jewelry‘Currents’ ring; first sketch, initial stage of 3D model, 3D render, 3D printed plastic prototype, 3D printed silver ring

Full disclosure

As you may have guessed by now, this is not an altruistic post solely supporting other artists. I just launched my Patreon page and am really excited about the opportunity. I’m a self-taught oil painter and 3D designer and have been looking for the perfect venue to connect with people internationally. Unlike many traditional artists, I don’t work in a permanent studio situated in a real-world community. I live and work around the world, finding inspiration for my art and design from the many places I’ve lived; Thailand, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Croatia, Mexico, Albania and Macedonia. I love my lifestyle, but it can be challenging to find and maintain relationships with supporters.

Live and Work abroad travel photosLiving and working around the world:  floating market in Hatyai, Thailand, temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia, The Duomo in Florence, Italy and me with Locorotundo, Italy in the background

A Win-win Situation

Through Patreon, I offer awesome rewards to my followers and in exchange get feedback and financial backing. I’ll be posting insider looks at my process: videos of me creating paintings, sketches and 3D models and photos of my studies, oil paintings and designs in progress. Fans can choose to act as art advisors and offer their recommendations about which concepts I should pursue. Patrons who want to collect art in a more traditional sense will receive digital works and original oil paintings. Plus, ever wondered how you can be part of the 3D printing revolution without learning 3D modeling and having to sift through a mountain of technical specifications? My collaborators will get a 3D printed prototype(s) of a design idea and give me their thoughts. I love art and the creative process and believe it should be part of everyone’s life.

abstract oil painting progressHorizon 4 in progress, 2016, 50 X 75 cms (20″ X 30″), oil on canvas

Become a Patreon Patron

The type of art being produced and the venues it is offered at have changed dramatically in the last few decades and are continuing to do so. Museum directors and television, movie and record producers no longer have a monopoly on what is being made. It’s an incredible time to be a creator. However, it can be daunting to both makers and fans; there are so many ways to access such a vast amount of content. We really need a place where artists and patrons can connect and play a meaningful role in one another’s lives. Start exploring the creators at Patreon now:

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