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Currents Pendant
The 'Currents' pendant is about the movement of oceans, seas and rivers. Gathered at one end of the ..
Currents Ring
The massive pull of an undertow, the dance of small tributaries as they wind around obstacles, the r..
One Infinity Ring
The Sloris ‘One Infinity Ring’ enhances the wearer’s finger as it twists and turns, bends and bows. ..
Remains Pendant
The ‘Remains’ pendant refers to the history water leaves after it has departed. The distance between..
Remains Ring
‘Remains’ is about the immense power of a substance that can seem so yielding.  There is an imm..
Submerged Pendant
The ‘Submerged’ pendant hovers above your skin, allowing room for shadows and the subtle play of lig..
Submerged Ring
‘Submerged’ is a meditation on what lies beneath.  Water creates a deep and abiding myster..
One Infinity Pendant (small)
The Sloris ‘One Infinity Pendant’ is a stylish piece of 3D printed jewelry perfect as a gift for you..
One Infinity Earrings
The Sloris ‘One Infinity Earrings’ are sophisticated pieces of 3D printed jewelry ideal as a present..
One Infinity Bracelet
The Sloris ‘One Infinity Bracelet’ is an exquisite example of 3D printed jewelry.  Unique jewel..
One Infinity Pendant (large)
Try to trace the shape of the ‘One Infinity Pendant’ as it coils and curls around itself to form an ..

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