Unique Ring: ‘Submerged’ Captures Underwater Beauty
unique ring nature jewelryunique ring nature jewelry

Unique Ring: ‘Submerged’ Captures Underwater Beauty


‘Submerged’ captures the beauty of underwater forms and places it on your hand. Buy this unique ring and add a beautiful natural accent to your every gesture.


A truly unique ring can be hard to find.  Here at Sloris, our goal is to design stunning pieces you won’t see anywhere else. ‘Submerged’ is a representation of what lies underwater.  Rivers, seas and oceans create a deep and abiding mystery by all that they hide from view.  Our curiosity is piqued by the great flow of a waterfall as it plunges beneath the surface of its pool and also by the dwindling light in the ocean as we dive. The design stands up off the skin forming an inner area for a play of light and shadows.  The unusual band of ‘Submerged’ doesn’t fully encircle the finger.  The edges of the design gently rest atop and lifts it upwards; the two sides of the ring don’t join.  Slip ‘Submerged’ on your finger and bring the allure of the depths of water into your everyday life.

A unique ring is a great way to express your individual style.  ‘Submerged’ is a bold statement ring that can stand alone.  Add it to your favorite jeans and T-shirt combo for an extra splash of style.  Or compliment the elegance of your go to little black dress with the drama of ‘Submerged.’  Unique rings make even the best outfit better.

Production time: 20 business days (We do our very best to ship your order as soon as possible. However, if you would like a faster production time, please email us about our rush service. Usually, we can cut the number of days by half. Unfortunately, we have to pass on our manufacturer’s fee of a 15% up charge.)

steel finishes for jewelry

For this unique ring in sterling silver and 14K gold, 18K gold or rose gold plated please see our nature rings listing.

Important information about our unique ring:

Our jewelry is 3D printed in stainless steel infused with bronze; some people’s skin can have a reaction due to the bronze content and turn green.  Matte gold, polished gold and polished nickel steel go through an electroplating process that deposits a 0.1 micron layer on the outside of the product. This gives them a unique finish and is great for aesthetic purposes, but will wear off over time as they are exposed to friction.  Additionally, the jewelry is coated in a clear sealant to help prevent oxidization, but over time it’s natural for a patina to develop, which furthers the uniqueness of each piece.  More than ten percent of people have nickel allergies.  Therefore, if you are allergic or unsure please choose another finish.

‘Submerged’ unique ring approximate dimensions (varies slightly depending on ring size):
Inches: 0.9 width x 1.2 height x 1.4 depth
Centimeters: 2.3 width x 2.9 height x 3.4 depth

If you need a smaller or larger ring size, please email a request to sloris@sloris.com and we’ll be happy to make it for you.