Fascinator Hat: The Kinetic Aesthetic in White, Black & Colors
fascinator hat 3D printed in whitefascinator hat 3D printed in white

Fascinator Hat: The Kinetic Aesthetic in White, Black & Colors


The Kinetic Aesthetic Fascinator hat is very fashionable wearable art. Wear it to make your outstanding outfits even better or build a new look around this amazing piece.


The Kinetic Aesthetic Fascinator hat is a truly unique piece of wearable art. I designed this stylish hat for the woman who wants to make a bold fashion statement. Inspired by Alexander Calder’s mobiles, each delicately suspended abstract shape flutters in response to the caress of air currents and the wearer’s movements. Express your artistic side by topping your ensemble with the dynamic Kinetic Aesthetic Fascinator Hat.

How to wear a fascinator hat:

This mini hat is easily secured with the sturdy comb at its base. Simply back comb or tease your hair slightly on the side where you intend to wear the fascinator. Then, firmly hold your hair in place, and slide the comb into position from back to front. The Kinetic Aesthetic Fascinator looks fabulous with loose flowing hair, with an updo, worn slightly off center or at a jaunty angle.

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Production time: 17 business days (We do our very best to ship your order as soon as possible. However, if you would like a faster production time, please email us about our rush service. Usually, we can cut the number of days by half. Unfortunately, we have to pass on our manufacturer’s fee of a 15% up charge.)

fascinator hat plastic colors

The Sloris ‘Kinetic Aesthetic’ fascinator hat is 3D printed in strong and flexible plastic.  Unpolished white and black pieces are slightly rough.  Our vibrant and fun polished colors are smoother.  The layered process of the printing often creates a look similar to that of wood grain.  Overall, it has a likeness to unpolished or polished soap stone, but with the durability of plastic.

‘Kinetic Aesthetic’ fascinator hat dimensions:
Inches: 5.7 width x 5.8 height x 5.8 depth
Centimeters: 14.6 width x 14.8 height x 14.8 depth